Recruitment & Head Hunting

There is a major contribution of Oil and Gas Industry in the economic development globally. The industry is a compelling and sophisticated business. It not only supplies two thirds of the world's energy but drives the global economy.

There are countless job opportunities available and at the same time there are various institutes that are grooming the candidates into seasoned professionals. Perhaps more than any other branch or sector, the Oil & Gas industry is characterized by a truly international workforce. Projects are spread across various continents, often in remote locations or at sea. These projects are conceptualized, designed, built, managed and operated by highly skilled personnel that view global travel as part of the profession.

We are a recruitment company with a difference as we help to get projects staffed and hence started more quickly and with skilled manpower at our end. Our key strength in oil and gas sector is the ability to find the required professionals, within a short span, regardless of the location or time. As we have the ability and experience to source people both from within Europe and overseas, our client base includes oil industry majors, both offshore and onshore.

We appreciate the pressures on companies to meet demanding business objectives, which is why we work quickly and efficiently to select only the best candidates.

Our Senior Recruitment Consultants have worked within the construction and engineering industries, they fully understand the technical environment in which their clients operate. As a result, they pay rigorous attention to the ability of candidates to meet the demands placed on them.

Our reputation for efficient, cost-effective outsourcing is founded on the personal knowledge, experience and dedication of each of our consultants. We endeavor to provide every client with a ‘best value’ service.

Hospitality Solutions is an employer paid contingency search firm. We never charge fees of any kind to candidates. We work in partnership with our clients to solve their staffing problems. We are paid when we successfully complete the job. If we do not fill the job, we do not charge our client a fee.

Last but not least, Hospitality Solutions is also specialized in head hunting very particular candidates and we assure we exceed your expectations.

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