Bars & Restaurants

Hospitality Solutions professional consultants gain more than 20 years within the F&B sector and have opened as well as managed and owned high class restaurants and bars in several countries including Austria, Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Canada and the United States of America.

Our expertise in this field ranges from finding the right location for you, make feasibility studies, working with architects all over the world hand in hand and last but not least, open and operate it for you if required.

Hospitality Solutions connections to world class Chef’s, Mixologists and F&B Directors will assure you that your project is always up to date with all food and beverage trends. We assure that you will find the best and most attractive location; we put a trendy and practical interior in place and last but not least assure that you have the sexiest beverage and food menu in place.

Besides that, we create the concept and business plan for you and will assure that your entire project is made for success. In addition, on request we will monitor your success and assure that it is not only continuous, it is rather growing.

Hospitality Solutions also works with several Architects hand in hand on unique projects from an interactive bar operation as well as we use if requested the most modern technologies to assure even in Capital cities like Moscow, Vienna or Berlin – guest visiting your venue will always have the “WOW’ effect.