Company Info

To provide a different consultancy is Hospitality Solutions goal, to take over the challenging project and work and see it through until it succeeds and even more, to oversee it after it is operating. The same approach we have with our Human Resource policy, as we all know the human capital is the most important. You can great, design and purchase the most beautiful property in the world……but it needs people to make it a success!

The company itself is based on strong principles, which Roman and the entire team lives by. Honesty, work ethics, team work and loyalty are not only empty phrases, they are practiced in the day to day business and this is what Hospitality Solutions stands for.

Hospitality Solutions is active in many sectors and fulfills all needs and requests of clients, from a Restaurant concept to the opening of the Restaurant, from an Event plan to an Event execution of up to 50000 people, from Hotel Construction to Hotel Pre-and Opening, from Hiring Line Staff to hiring Executive Management and last but not least, serving the Oil Industry with Staff Leasing, Recruitment and Catering Consulting.

Overview of Services:


  • Hotel Consulting – from Construction consulting to Opening Hotels as well as operating hotels.
  • Bar Consulting – from writing bar menu’s to training materials to Bar Concepts and Mixology glasses.
  • Restaurant Consulting – cutting edge new concept implementation, Restaurant opening and operating, menu engineering and designs, etc.
  • Mystery guest – our consultants are professionals in their field and will evaluate any business required.
  • Finance & Purchasing – from Investment plan to Budgeting, from Procurement Management to Store Management.
  • Feasibility & Impact Studies

Project Management

Whenever Hospitality Solutions takes over a project, we mean it. A project means for us, we take ownership of it and walk you through from the beginning to the end, even further, we advise and consult you far beyond as we believe in that every project is a part of us. 

Hospitality Solutions offers all kind of Project Management which includes but is not limited to Hotels, Restaurants & Bars, Cruise Ship Industry, Administrative and Finance Consulting, Spa & Health Clubs, Events as well as Oil Camps and Oil Rigs Catering Consulting.

Hospitality Solutions offers a wide range of recruitment services and has merged with several International companies in order to fulfill the client’s needs. All what we need is a simply job description and we assure that you find the right candidate. If no JD is available, we will create one for you.
The advantage to work with Hospitality Solution is simple – been there, done it. That means, our consultants have been all on the “other side of the fence” and we all know how difficult that can be. We know what you need and will find what you search for, no matter if it is a Hotel in Berlin, a Cruise Ship in the United States, a River Ship on the Danube, a Cargo Ship in the Golf of Mexico, a Oil Camp in Iran or an Oil Rig in the North Sea.  We anticipate your needs and assure that your operations runs smoothly with supplying the right team members.

Hospitality Solution is well connected and works together very close with professional Hotel Schools around the world. Besides that, our Consultants are conducting frequently training classes around the world.

  • Conducting Hospitality Courses & Training Classes world wide
  • Excellent network to all famous Hotel Schools and Institutions
  • HACCP, USPH and UKPH Courses
  • Cruise Ship and Hospitality Training Courses
  • Safety Training Classes for Employment within the Oil & Cruise Industry

Oil & Gas Industry
Hospitality Solutions offers services such as Recruitment, “Staff Leasing” and Catering Consulting to Tankers, Oil Camps, Oil Rigs and Companies working within the Oil & Gas Industry. Having experiences with caterings for large events and in remote areas for the US Army, Hospitality Solutions will tailor you a solution, which will be undeniable simply perfect.

Hospitality Solutions is a professional outsourcing and offshore employee leasing company. We provide skilled and experienced individuals to be part of your company through the outsourcing model. Let us handle the routine maintenance and development tasks for you — allowing your company to focus on its core competencies.
Our proven program enables companies to more efficiently manage their time, while enhancing their profit margins. We accomplish this by relieving traditional cost centers such as system administration, HR compliance, payroll/benefits management.