Bar & Restaurant Consulting

Hospitality Solutions provides professional on-site and off-site analysis and consulting services to restaurant & bar, nightclub, tavern, franchise, and niche market owners and operators with very positive and profitable results. Our clients have reported saving up to 50% in operational costs, decreasing theft and waste by as much as 90%, and increasing profits by up to 75% after utilizing our services.

We specialize in the food & beverage industry and bar operations offering professional, yet, affordable services that tailor to both small and large businesses alike. Our services cover every aspect of the industry from pre-conception, to planning, design, and development, to functional operations. Whether you’re buying a bar or restaurant, selling a bar or restaurant, building a bar or restaurant, or planning a bar or restaurant, we can help.
Our initial data collection including business analysis, location analysis, feasibility studies, market analysis, or competitive analysis, are useful tools for new or inexperienced owners looking to get into the bar business, as well as seasoned owners that need data collection and verification for their new operation.  

We also specialize in key food & beverage operations such as advertising & marketing, inventory controls, par levels, product analysis & pricing, theft detection & prevention, staff development & training, industry benchmarking, liability, identification & controls, and design concepts.

Our consultants offer over two decades of experience in the industry and have themselves been previous owners, managers, and line staff at various food and beverage facilities throughout the world, including deluxe hotels, cruise ships and on corporate level.