Cruise Industry

Hospitality Solutions and its team of Consultants have a very tight connection to the Cruise Industry in general.

Mr. Kofler himself worked several years for the most luxury cruise companies around the world and had the pleasure traveling around the world several times, holding positions from a line staff member to Hotel Manager. Besides that, having served in the Corporate Office for Holland America Line, Roman understand to combine both, the head office and the challenging within a sea going job, giving him a wider vision and understanding of the needs of the cruise industry.

Projects for the Cruise Industry could be from a small project like sending a Relief Manager on one of the requested vessels to finding new revenue opportunities or maintain the operation up to evaluating cruise operations and making suggestions for refitting, dry docks and new builds.

In fact, Hospitality Solutions knows that there is not much difference between services of cruise liners and hotels, as bottom line is the guest and exceeding their expectations. Nevertheless, there is definitely a difference in service procedures, sequence of services, design, space, layout, purchasing and much more, hence Hospitality Solutions consultants approach every situation and project differently in order to assure efficient and professional solutions. 

Besides that, a large part of Hospitality Solutions service which is offered is within the manning industry, meaning finding the right employees for the cruise line industry.  Please see under “Recruitment” for more information.