Finance & Purchasing

From due diligence to expenditure, Hospitality Solutions believes in the creation of value as the ultimate driving force behind every investment decision. We offer a comprehensive suite of financial & purchasing consulting services – designed to meet this goal at every opportunity.

During our meetings, we review marketing initiatives, financial performance, pricing, staffing, capital expenditures and other key operating issues. As a growth- and success-driven hospitality consulting firm, our focus is forward-looking, in order to favorably impact operating performance. Examples include identifying expense issues and developing a turnaround plan or weekly RevMAX calls to recognize future pricing opportunities, which enables the hotel or venue to adjust rates to maximize revenue.

In addition to providing key Asset Management and Owner Representative Services, Hospitality Solutions associates have substantial experience in the coordination of development planning and consultation with respect to new hotel and resort projects or the implementation of major capital improvement programs – from initial design and pricing through renovation and/or opening. Hospitality Solutions is regularly called on to select a new hotel management or company and negotiate management contracts and/or franchise agreements.

Having acquired and disposed of hotel investment property through their careers, Hospitality Solutions professionals have extensive experience to draw from as hotel owner consultants, thoroughly familiar with the underwriting and due diligence process associated with the potential acquisition of hotel and resort-related investments. Critical asset management decisions that influence long-term investment management and ultimately potential returns are made prior to the purchase decision. Hospitality Solutions professionals encourage potential hotel and resort investors to involve asset managers at the commencement of any due diligence process

Hospitality Solutions assists lenders engaged in special asset monitoring, workout, and foreclosure of hotel properties. Whether it is reviewing budgets, forecasting monthly cash flows/shortfalls, conducting operational reviews (to identify revenue enhancement and cost containment opportunities), foreclosure due diligence, or ongoing asset management, the Hospitality Solutions team's diversified backgrounds of commercial real estate lending, real estate workouts, appraisal, finance, and hotel operations enable us to collectively consider challenges and opportunities from numerous perspectives, and consequently recommend optimum solutions.

Last but not least, Hospitality Solutions assists with any Purchasing Management challenges from simple F&B Store to large ware houses as well as to maximize procurement power through the world. Our Specialists are linked to thousands of vendors and suppliers throughout the world to assure you best quality to the best prices.