Catering Consulting

Oil & Gas Companies spend Millions of US$ per year for the catering of their employees in order to assure their well being. No matter if on an oil rig in Saudi Arabia or a Base Camp in Nigeria, it is important that Management and Staff are taken care off.

So far so good, but as much sensitivity this sector requires it is also a proven fact that companies do not really control their catering firms as well as do not have specialists in their own rows to do so.

This is where Hospitality Solutions comes in the game again. We evaluate your catering and camp operation; assure costs are under control without jeopardizing the comfort of your employees, no, we even make a pledge that we increase their comfort with cutting your costs.

Hospitality Solutions has extensive experience in large catering operations and served on several occasions for large Oil companies as well as the US Army. We not only assured that your caterer stays within the budget, we assure that he provides what he is charging for, with highest ethics and quality.

How we proceed:

In fact it is quiet simply and we base it on our 5 steps system:

  1.  You contact us and we will ask a few very simple questions
  2. After the company agrees on working with Hospitality Solutions, one of our Consultants specialized in Catering operations will visit your Procurement Manager and will find out all contracts, deals and other expenses you have.
  3. After a short de-brief at Hospitality Solutions head quarter, one of the Senior Consultants will visit a few sites with your approval to oversee the caterings. These visits are unannounced and only known by the client and Hospitality Solutions in order to see the real picture. Our Consultant remains for a while and will evaluate local and international purchasing, food preparation, staff costing and conditions, quality assurance as well as Hygienic and Sanitation rules (according to USPH and HACCP) and if needed, will visit several sites.
  4. After our Consulting team will get together, will make an action plan which can easily be implemented and of course, Hospitality Solutions can execute and maintain the implementation.
  5. Last but not least, the results and findings will be presented to the client and will be discussed. But, Hospitality Solutions work does not end here, as we do not hand you a problem – we hand you the solution, meaning, a detailed action and business plan. If the client likes that Hospitality Solutions will assure all is followed up, we will after meet with the Caterer and Vendors and assure the results are achieved and expectations are exceeded – just as mentioned in our pledge of business!

For any information regarding the Catering Consulting please contact Roman Kofler at